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WHEATLESSNESS is inspired by my personal journey with food and weight. First let me say, I love food! Good food! Which I think should be delicious and nutritious. In my journey, I discovered that giving up wheat, not just gluten, allowed me to lose weight and feel healthier. And I wanted to do it without giving up the pleasure that comes from eating wheat-based foods. So I began experimenting with recipes that were fulfilling and satisfying, just no wheat.

Modern wheat has been altered to the point where it no longer acts as a food but as a chemical in our bodies. For more information         click here.

As far back as I can remember, I have had to watch my weight. Although never really overweight, at times I have 'tipped the scale' more than I wanted.


As a teenager, diet foods were of no help. I would drink diet soda, eat diet Cool Whip (ugh!), etc. Not only were those choices unhealthy, they did not result in weight loss. 


As I aged, I found that it was more challenging to maintain my weight, even when carefully watching what I ate. And gluten-free products did not seem to be the solution.


So ... I decided to try cutting out wheat. Completely. Not even a single bite of my partner’s toast with butter and jam. I started to feel lighter and began shedding some weight!

I don't eat diet foods. I believe in real, whole foods. Full fat milk, butter, good oils, etc. I do maintain a low-carb diet but will include carbs such as rice, sweet potatoes, fruit and more. As I don't have celiac disease, when I do want to splurge I will occasionally have wheat in desserts, pasta or bread.

As I said, I love food! And I love to cook! I am excited to share my low-carb recipes that either don't have wheat or if the recipe calls for wheat, I find alternatives. I hope you enjoy entering a 'state of WHEATLESSNESS' as much as I do.

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