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Some say food is medicine. And yes, eating healthy, nourishing real food does serve to keep us well.  However, when I hear the word ‘medicine’ or ‘medicinal’ when it comes to food, I immediately think it will be something I can tolerate but not really enjoy.  Food should bring pleasure not be a chore.


I was recently introduced to this raw carrot, raw beet and raw cabbage salad by my acupuncturist, Dr. Danielle Soloman.  She is schooled in Chinese Medicine and practices healing modalities of environmental medicine and eastern and western herbal medicine.


This salad is based on an Ayruvedic recipe that promotes cleansing of the body.  But here’s the amazing thing, it’s not only beautiful, it’s delicious!  And you can make a lot of it and keep it in the fridge and eat over a few days. As a personal touch, I have added a sprinkling of sea salt flakes and goat cheese (you don't want to add these until serving). According to Dr. Soloman, good cheeses are good fats!  I’m in!


I have used a variety of beets and carrots of various colors but you can use any combination or single color of each. I have not given quantities as you can make as much or as little as you wish as long as you include all the ingredients in fairly equal amounts.  


I am not a fan of raw garlic as the taste stays with me.  I found that crushing the garlic and letting it ‘rest’ in the dressing for a while, cuts the sharpness and avoids me getting a big chunk while eating it.  If you really don’t like raw garlic, although not part of the original recipe, try boiling it for a minute or so before incorporating it into the dressing.


Equal parts

  • raw carrots

  • raw beets

  • raw red cabbage


  • crumbled goat cheese (optional)

  • sea salt flakes - I prefer Maldon (optional)

  • a few basil leaves (optional)


  • extra virgin olive oil

  • fresh lemon juice

  • 1 - 2 garlic cloves crushed or minced

Whisk together lemon juice and olive oil.  Add garlic and allow to sit while preparing the rest of the salad.


Using a peeler or mandolin, thinly slice carrots and beets. 

Thinly slice cabbage.

Add vegetables to vinaigrette and toss. Garnish with goat cheese, salt and basil when serving.

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