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Apple Cider Vinegar may not be the fountain of youth but it is definitely a splash in the right direction. And it is definitely one of the things that has helped me with my weight management.

It not only enhances weight loss, but helps regulate blood sugar levels, helps reduce body fat, helps lower cholesterol, improves skin health, helps reduce blood pressure, boosts gut health, enhances circulation, aids in detoxification, and more.

The best is to use organic, unfiltered, raw and it should say 'from the mother' on the label. I use Braggs, one to two tablespoons diluted in liquid. You don't want to drink it straight as it is too hard on the esophagus. I drink it in a mix of vitamins and food supplements (more on that later) every morning.

There has been much written on the subject. Just google 'health benefits of apple cider vinegar' for more info.

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