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This salad is like a little bit of spring in winter. The pink, not-so-easy-to-get ingredients can be substituted with more easily available versions. The pink vegetables here come fromNatoora. which has an unusual and rather unique assortment of seasonal fruits and vegetables among other things. You order through their app which is very user friendly.

I am not giving amounts as it is ok to vary amounts depending on what you like.



  • Rosa del Veneta Radicchio 

  • Mountain Rose Apples, peeled or unpeeled

  • Watermelon Radish peeled 
  • Baby beets, preferably Chioggia or candy cane beets, peeled
  • good extra virgin cold press olive oil

  • fresh pink lemon juice 

  • Dijon mustard 

  • fresh chèvre (goat cheese)

  • flaky sea salt

  • pepper

Whisk together lemon juice with dijon mustard. Gradually whisk in olive oil, I like the ratio of 1:2, lemon juice:olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.  Set aside.

Chiffonade the radicchio. Save some whole leaves for serving.

Cut the apples, radish and beets into match sticks.

Toss vegetables together.  Add dressing and toss.

To plate, place saved radicchio leaves on plate and fill with dressed salad.  Sprinkle with goat cheese. 


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