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Even if you don't like salmon, you will love this!  It's easy, delicious and a real show stopper.

Seasoned with asian flavors, this salmon is a beautiful combination of savory and a little sweetness. I have shown it here with puréed parsnip and sautéed bok choy in garlic, but it is great with other things. Avocado and cucumber sushi, coconut rice, jasmine rice, grilled vegetables, a salad that includes supreme of orange slices....the list goes on.

I usually don't like cooking on aluminum foil as I don't want it leeching into the food.  In this case, I cook the fish on aluminum foil. The flesh of the fish does not touch it and the skin sticks to it thereby allowing for an effortless, clean removal of the salmon - you want to be sure not to oil the foil. I only like salmon skin if it is crisp...recipe for another day.

The precise cooking of the salmon depends on a few factors.  How thick the salmon is, how far away from the broiler the rack is, how hot your broiler gets. Conventional wisdom says you should bake the salmon first and then broil. For this recipe I do the opposite because I want to make sure the glaze is nicely caramelized and sometimes broiling is enough to cook the salmon. When I think it is properly caramelized - a few dark spots but not thoroughly charred as it will taste burnt - I test the internal temperature. I like my salmon medium so the internal temperature should be about 125F - a little less if you want it rarer, a little more if you want it more done.  If the fish is not done, I will turn off broiler and change to oven, about 350F - 375F and let it continue cooking for a few minutes to get it to the correct doneness.


  • 1 lb salmon filet - skin on

  • 1 or more tbsp low sodium tamari sauce

  • 2 cloves garlic, grated

  • 2 tsp grated ginger, or to taste

  • zest of one large orange - a little extra for garnish

  • 1 - 2 tbsp honey or agave depending how sweet you want it

Combine all the ingredients except the salmon. If glaze is too thick, add more tamari sauce.  Also, the amount of any of the ingredients can be varied according to taste. Glaze should be a little thick.

Preheat broiler. 

Cover broiler pan with aluminum foil and place salmon on top. Thickly coat salmon with glaze.

Place salmon a few inches from heat. Broil for about 5 - 7 minutes, start checking internal temperature (should reach about 125F for medium).  If temperature is close to done but the glaze is not caramelized, move oven rack up closer to heat source and cook to caramelize. If glaze is not done and fish is not cooked, continue broiling.  If glaze is done and fish is not cooked, move the fish to a lower rack in the oven and continue cooking on about 350F - 375F bake until done.

Garnish with some orange zest.

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